The Amazing Technology Behind Drones

First of all, what is a drone?

A drone is a kind of flying robot, an unmanned aerial vehicle. Most are flown by remote control, but some can be programmed to operate autonomously. To reduce weight, drones are made of lightweight materials such as plastic, composites, and aluminum. As they are often used for photography and filming, many have camera attached, like the ones we offer here at Gadget Zone Hub.

How Drones Fly?

Drones are propelled by rotors driven by electric motors. They move in a similar way to helicopters, but usually have several propellers to produce both lift and thrust. 4 propeller “quadcopters” are the most common, each one spins at an equal speed, these quadcopters have 2 spinning clockwise and 2 anticlockwise, this balances their torque which is the turning force. It is usually equipped with a GPS, a flight controller, speed controllers, and a transmitter/receiver system to receive commands and send back data.

When Were The First Drones Flown?
The first powered drones were pilotless aircraft built as timed flying bombs during world war 1.

Uses Of Drones

The Amazing Technology Behind Drones
The Evolution Of Aerial Photography

Uses Of Drones

A drone’s ability to take off and land almost anywhere, as well as hover at a fixed point, over the ground, makes it ideal for a wide range of applications including surveillance, aerial photography, scientific research, map-making, and filming.
Broadcasters use drones to capture aerial views of events; farmers use them to assess the health of their crops; archaeologists use drones to monitor, map, and protect their sites; and wildlife organizations use them to help protect animals from poachers.


Drones can take aerial photographs to map sites faster than traditional methods on the ground.

Military Use

Drones flown from very remote distances are used for surveillance, intelligence, and attack without risk to a pilot.


Courier companies have begun to trial drones for delivering packages weighing up to 2 kg

In conclusion, it is obvious that drone technology is an important part of the future and affects almost all industries, it has a wide variety of uses, not only recreational, Millenials nowadays are starting side-hustles with drones!
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