What You Need To Do Before Using A Dust Plugd

Do you often see people with small colored charms on the tops of their smartphones or tablets? If so, you have probably already guessed that this little accessory is not just for fun. Such trinkets are called dust plugs and are used to protect the interior parts of your gadgets from dust and moisture that might get inside if you do not seal the hole.  So, the importance of sealing a headphone jack is evident. However, if you have never used dust plugs before, you should take some necessary steps before you try one.

First of all, you need to estimate how long your gadget has already been in active use. The longer you have owned it without using a dust plug, the more likely it is that its headphone has become rather dirty (especially if you are in habit of slipping it into a pocket with a lot of pocket debris).

Take time and clean the whole area before you insert a dust plug. Otherwise, it will bring about more harm than good to your device because all the dust will be pushed deeper and might damage the interior irreversibly.

There are several cleaning options you can use. One of the safest ones is to use sticky tale. You should dab it around the headphone jack and make sure that it sticks well. Then, you can remove it together with the dirt that will stick to it. However, this kind of cleaning might fail to get to the deeper areas. In such cases, you can use an air compressor to blow dust away from the hole.

As soon as you finish with these preparations, you should select a dust plug that will fit well into the hole and block it. Good luck!

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